School Districts:

Professional Development offered to school districts.  Half day workshop to full week trainings available.  Some classes include:

What is STEM?
Blended Learning
Microsystems Education
Gender and Diversity in the Classroom

Engaging Underrepresented Students ​in the Classroom

Research and Evaluation:
Research and program evaluation available for school districts.  More information here.

Sanford Partnership:

Our Sanford partnership also brings together professional development opportunities with camps for students.  These can be offered as one day or week long events.  Click here for more information. 

Resource Center:
One of the goals of the Inspire Innovation Lab is to provide 'just in time' support for teachers who are planning next week's lessons.  We provide encouragement, inspiration, and resources (in-person and some supplies) for new innovative ideas.  We are here to help you discover and deliver active hands-on learning!