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sanford partnership:

Inspire Lab has formed a collaboration with the Sanford PROMISE program (located in Sioux Falls, SD) to deliver the Sanford PROMISE materials and camps to area schools.  This unique opportunity brings professional development as well as student STEM camps to regional schools.  

Camps can be 1-5 days in length, customizable by school.  

Forensic Science:
Explore the science behind CSI? Learn different ways that forensic investigators examine biological evidence. Participants complete analysis of mock crime scene.
Researching Rare Disease:
Utilizing cutting edge research techniques, participants will learn about rare diseases, the CoRDS registry, methods utilized by scientists to investigate rare diseases and do a case study.
Forensic Laboratory Analysis:
Investigate like a crime scene lab analyst. Dactyloscopy, document examination, serology, trace evidence, and DNA analysis are topics explored.
Discovering Rare Disease:
Explore the science behind a specific rare disease studied at Sanford Research and learn the impact of rare disease overall.
Diagnosing Niemann Pick Disease:
Study familial inheritance of a rare disease, Niemann Pick Type-C. Students will investigate a family and through PCR and gel electrophoresis determine which individuals are affected, unaffected, or carriers of the disease gene. Hosted by the Sanford PROMISE and CoRDS as part of the Rare Disease Day Symposium 2012.
Biomedical Investigations:
Investigate human diseases being studied at Sanford Research. 
Environmental Examination:
Investigate the methods of studying the environment such as water and soil analysis, uneven heating of land and water, salinity, and pond organisms.